Handicraft Market Of India

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I was street shopping yesterday with my friends and what I observed was the enthusiasm of people when they buy product, how they are attracted to the products and loves to bargain. The most commendable thing was that people loving the product which was imperfect. And by imperfect I mean, not so finished i.e. made by hands, the hand-crafted items. People were showing great amount of interest in buying those stuff and paying for them in-spite of the clear fact that those products were nowhere closer to the machine made products and they were actually paying more. So, the question arise is that WHY would people do that?

In order to get the answer to the above question, I did a small survey. The survey was conducted at my locality, among my friends and parents and random people walking down the street. The question that I asked was “What do you think about the handmade items? Why would you buy them?” the question was simple and I got many answers from various different people. Some of the answers I got were:

  1. Some people said that they felt the connection with the product, as this product is made by someone and they have attached their feelings to it, which makes it kind of special to them.
  2. Some people said that when they buy these products they get a feeling of satisfaction that they are helping the other people in some ways or the other.
  3. Most people said that they found a sense of uniqueness in their style. It’s like every product is different from the other and that makes them unique and they get a sense of pride over others that they are not in the same race. And it does make sense because no two product, even made by the same person, could be exactly same and I think that is the beauty of handcrafted items.
  4. The older people thought that the more use of handmade items will keep their cultures intact. As most of the handcrafted items represent certain culture.

As a fact that each answer was different from the other, I was able to summarize it to the above mentioned points.

We the people of India, the land of mysteries, the oldest known culture is one of the major exporters for handicraft goods and items.

handicraft export graph Exports of handicrafts from India

As it is very clear from the above graph that the India is the leading exporters of handicraft goods and items. According to the provisional data available the exports of Handicrafts have shown an increase of ` 4242.42 Crores, from ` 23504.42 crores to ` 27746.84 crores, an increase of 18.05% in rupees term. In dollar terms, the exports increased by US $ 653.07 million from US $ 3884.91 million to US $ 4537.98 million, an increase of 16.81% over the similar period in 2013- 2014. And as a matter of fact this will keep on increasing because it’s not dependent on the market but the emotions of the people related to it which will stay there forever.

Some of the great handcrafted items made by the crafters of India is illustrated below:

designed jug

beautifully designed sindoor box

shell art Shell turtle

necklace Handcrafted Necklace

Mobile Covers

Mobile Covers

Paper ear rings

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Handicraft Market Of India

The beginning of Jabalpur Mart

Our Humble Beginning

It all began with an idea to grow. We were sitting in a hall drinking beer with no intention to create anything. That was the moment when we thought that it is time to do something for ourselves. Thus, the idea was planted.

MARCH 2015
A Company was born

It was the time when we were at the peak of our creativity. Ideas were floating, we were excited and thus we all took the initiative to start a company and we did. It was fun to bring something into existence, to manifest a mere thought, an idea into reality. The road we took to reach where we are was kindaa bumpy which made us happy when we were going up and hit hard when going down. But, the result is all that matters and here we are.


The beginning of Jabalpur Mart